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Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer, the Brain, and Cancer are concerns of many.  Our nearly “Silver Bullet” solution makes healing safe, simple, and simply monitored/maintained.

THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION is our first book launched to set captives free of pain and sickness. This book is being launched by Ted Whidden who was in a horrific accident in 2010 that cascaded in to a compromised autoimmune disorder, seizures, TBI, PTSD and a host of other conditions.

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Whidden helped Joseph A “Doc” Mathea explore methods in brain recovery and immune deficiency restoration. The exploration gave birth to a radically simple, inexpensive, and safe system that stems from the original plan of the universe for body restoration.

The concepts within the book are as foundational to the body function and this universe as is the concept of gravity and rotation of the earth. The science is inescapable, but it has been obscured by those who derive an income from the pain and suffering of others.

Prior to the accident Whidden worked in a number of research fields, and is most likely best known for his founding and funding a project housed at . We would like to extend an apology to truth seekers who have attended that venue over the last five years.

It got off track while we focused our efforts and research on healing the body. We are coming back online, and are pleased to offer Whidden’s books and materials from this site in conjunction with .

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The site was founded as a natural, rapid, and inexpensive way to heal all sickness. Whereas our approach is often criticized for its seemingly “silver bullet” approach, it is only criticized because it works and it undermines thousands of years of deception. Get free of sickness. Go! Get our book(s).

The key is Whidden’s CO2 Remediation/Reconciliation approach, often referred to as Toxic Gas Reconciliation.

Our authors at blazed a trail in Acidic Gas Reconciliation, Toxic Gas Reconciliation, and/or CO2 remediation of the body. Once CO2 is remediated within the body, the whole body chemistry changes. Chemistry versus medicine in the body to provide radical and sensational healing.

A silver bullet approach is reborn, thus our new venture found at  The latest release, CO2 AND YOU: A RELEASE FROM ALL SICKNESS, is being developed as a print book, electronic book, and as an audio book for release in a joint venture with a power media group.  See details on that book at the book store.

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Within our books, sites, and videos at we introduce Natural Healing, Holistic Approaches, Alternative yet sound ancient principles.We address Head Injury related problems such as PTSD, TBI, Brain Injury.

Our Cancer research and treatment of all forms is identified and addressed simply and easily with emphasis on Breast Cancer and lung cancer treatment.
We have launched a Three day healing approach to Fibromyalgia. Treatment for resolution of HIV, Aids, Immune Deficiency, Autoimmune, and all forms of Immune Deficiency, including Lyme disease.


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