CO2 AND YOU: A RELEASE FROM ALL SICKNESS (Alex Jones Special) Paperback

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CO2 AND YOU:  A RELEASE FROM ALL SICKNESS print version of book.


Print copy of new release:  CO2 AND YOU:  A RELEASE FROM ALL SICKNESS

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The concepts in this book are being repackaged in this limited printing for those of the Genesis Communications Network interested in saving the world. Our original release requested that modern day superheroes would join us in this effort. As a result Alex Jones, Ted Anderson, Randi Shannon, and many, many others from Genesis Communications Networks (Radio) came forward. We thank them for making such a bold presentation of concepts that could save the universe.

I am glad to see that Doc Mathea is releasing inventions and approaches to thwart the modern medical situations of people. In seeing his lab I have viewed dozens of inventions and approaches that will address complicated illnesses simply.

I see Doctor Mathea’s work as literally the most significant example of a person turning over the tables of the money changers. With the shocking originality and inventiveness of Nikolai Tesla and the forward thinking of Einstein, Doc is plowing new ground using simple science. Treating (healing?) breast cancer, autism, birth defects, while addressing advanced HIV/AIDS and cancer, and so many other sicknesses appear so easy with his approach.

How the “health” community has missed and obscured the obvious for so long boggles the mind. Could there be a conspiracy afoot? The unveiling of these simple laws of nature opens the door for Doc Mathea’s work, uncovering health conspiracy hidden in plain view for millennia.

By addressing a form of chaos theory in the body and unraveling the seemingly complicated patterns of health, Doc Mathea may have developed what appears a silver bullet to cure all sickness.   His body reconciliation approach which he named after me seems to eradicate a vast majority of conditions required for sickness to exist. I was his first “guinea pig” in a way, and he cast the sickness out of this pig!

The secrets released in this first book in a series if/when employed will likely reduce 60% of all cancers in the short run (reducing them in both mass and count). It will likely reduce all other sickness in the short run by 40%. Over the long haul I believe this book series will lead to the eradication of issues surrounding HIV/Aids, autism, cancer, kidney/liver issues, brain/concussion issues, and will lead to multiplied health and wealth benefits by the nations and regions that embrace the approach.

Mathea represents a veritable super-hero for humanity in a declining world. He shows that saving mankind is more honorable than profiteering. I celebrated a personal resurrection of life when I turned my care over to the only person who appeared to have the answers to save me. Doctor Mathea, I salute you.

I asked Doc one time how he knew what he knew. His response was simple and complete. He said, “I pray, son. I pray.”

God has not only blessed Doc, but in turn he blesses countless thousands (someday millions) with the simple treatment for things once thought complicated. God gave him keys, and he is willing to give them away in this book. I hope that Doc continues to pray and I pray that he continues to show the absolute, undeniable power and presence of the One he prays to for all who read. To God be the glory for this caretaker of the Body.

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