EMF Meter (Microsurge Meter)

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EMF Microsurge Meter Only


THIS IS IT!  This is the Home/Office protection system from Dirty Energy surging through the electrical lines you the building you reside or work in.

This kit includes one microsurge meter only.  Our patented microsurge meter (see product specs below) is developed and designed to test a range of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) disruption in your home.  The range this system tests is the specific range believed by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Government and others to cause cancer and a host of other issues within the body.  This meter can be used in conjunction with our filters.  The meter measures wire current/anomalies caused by dirty electricity or dirty energy.  By measuring before and after installation of our filtering system our distributors/affiliates can help you resolve anomalies within your home, office, or work area.

It is recommended to purchase the whole house system which includes one of these meters and 20 filters, rather than purchasing the meter only.  Most purchasers of meters only will be affiliates/distributors wishing to replace their work unit.  It would be better for an affiliate to sell a home set up and negotiate with the purchaser for the meter.  It would be better for the consumer to purchase a home/office set and then put their kids, spouse or neighbor to work measuring homes/offices in your neighborhood and helping us to clean up the environment.

No image of meter available at this time.  FYI:  It is a simple plug in meter as described in the product specifications below.

Filter Image:

EMF Filter
EMF Filter


EVEN BETTER!  After buying one of our systems for your home (or before) you can sign up as an “AFFILIATE” in our system and get commissions and discounts on products.  Having the home system would allow some of you to grab your meter and two filters and go to work.  Your kids can work their way through college.  You can earn a virtually unlimited income immediately, electronically without any fees, inventory, or money handling.  Simply get your system for you home, then come on back and start making money.  Make sure you sign up for our affiliate program and purchase your products.


We have MUCH information posted on EMF and EMF Solutions at  Review the technical and informational data below and therein if you need to.  Get informed, Get impowered, Improve Income!

Documents included in this offer.  You will receive:

Article:  The Health Effects of EMF : health-effects

(Filter Installation and Use)  filter_installation
(Filter Technical Release)   filter_tech_info   


Shipping (included) is only calculated for the lower 48 U.S. States.  For Hawaii/Alaska and other territories cost will vary.  Contact for details/specifics.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in


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